Blog 8 White bowl series

BLOG   8. White Bowl series

Remember the nectarines from blog 7? The image languished alone, until finally I relented and began to collect fellow images. So the white bowl series began, a play with the camera. What else should one do in lockdown? So a series of photographs of fruit and vegetables.

How could the series develop, the answer arrived in the first garlic photograph. The garlic head was broken, its interior revealed. So began a series of interior images. Red onions had long fascinated with their intricate interior patterning, the curl of skin arrived unbidden, so peel an apple, slice a pear.                   


I became intrigued by the sensual qualities of fruits still netted, the ginger yielded strange veiled shapes, the lemons became voluptuous. Then a return to garlic. The torn net, the heads revealed. I thought this triptych was perhaps a finish.                         

Then we cooked cauliflower cheese!                         


Not a profound piece, though fruit and seed are perhaps the ultimate mystery. How to use the images? Perhaps at some point a small hand made book, though I have not been in bookmaking mode this year. But I am probably fated to continue photographing any appealing fruit or veg that arrives, but at least one can eat the participants in the venture.

Stay safe,