Blog 9 October Garden

BLOG   9

October Garden

Now the beginning of a much larger collection. In 2012 I began to work on a year of photographing my garden. I planned a series of four hand made books. I began to photograph in January, only realizing later that this would give me two winters. It became a set of five hand made books!

This year I began to work on September 22nd the Autumn Equinox planning to finish in September 2021. Only one winter!

October is a generous month, a month of irresistible and splendid colour. First the trees a riot of colour and then leaf fall, I can seldom resist it.                    

This year I used three different strategies to photograph the fallen leaves, first the leaves as they lay, fallen in gaudy profusion.                         

Then photographed as they arranged themselves on the marble top table in the garden, a palimpsest of leaves wrought by wind and rain.                        

Thirdly choosing interesting clumps of leaves as they lay fallen, lifting them carefully and photographing them on white paper. A still life arranged by nature. The next two images show my sophisticated collecting apparatus                   



I enjoy the images from the different ways of working.The complexity of the leaves as they fell, a rich tapestry of colour. The layering of leaves on the marble tabletop, the unexpected and elegant, conjunctions and occasional jewel like simplicity as demonstrated in the final image of this series. The concentrated description of leaves in the images on paper, a precision of detail lost in the complex profusion of the fallen leaves. 

It is going to be a year of change in the garden. A couple of weeks ago the fences on both sides of the garden were broken down. The vandals, I assume, seeking to evade their pursuers. I have also had the trees pruned they were growing ridiculously tall, and the fences must be replaced.

At the moment the garden is sombre, leached of all colour beneath a leaden sky. What delights of light and weather will the winter bring?

I will share my progress in future blogs.

Stay safe,