Light 7


Poppy Number 1     


Two weeks of intensive image making! A space discovered, a space revisited, a deluge of nursery pampered tulips, a richness of feral poppies plucked from the roadside. 

Series One

My bathroom windowsill, a previously neglected space, a vase, a crescent of light. A moment of recognition, of affirmation, an image to be made. Such moments occur in any environment, one’s awareness shifts, changes, new possibilities are recognized. So a body of work may develop.


A space to be revisited.I was newly aware of the crescent as an oft repeated form, in the rim of a plate, a cup flecked with light, my kitchen sink. I saw it everywhere. I already had such images, but had now developed a new awareness I revisited the site. Easy to do when working in one’s domestic space!


Series two

My kitchen sink, reflections. I used three images in my last blog, but this week I revisited the space, discovered a new complexity. A shift of the season, a different time of day and new possibilities are revealed. Never assume that the possibilities of a space are exhausted, re-visit, look with intensity.  A discovery; the shapes shift and change if the taps are turned. As might be suggested in other contexts ‘Stay Alert’, in this case to the shift and slide of the light.


Series three

A wealth of tulips arrived on my doorstep, a gift from my daughter. Arriving this time in pristine condition (for previous tulip story see blog 4).They demanded to be photographed, a familiar territory.

Series four

The time of year when poppies populate neglected urban spaces. Their ephemeral fragile beauty invites collection, is a delight to photograph. The series here is of poppy number three. A possible narrative, I have many more images! If so where should the narrative begin? For it now begins on my windowsill or should it begin in the street where the flower was found and picked?

Enjoy the images. If you are now able to venture out into more accustomed spaces remember the work done in your domestic space. Remember the unexpected gems that were discovered there.


And, finally, for your delectation, a bowl of elegantly patterned nectarines. Will it be the start of a new series? I already have an image a bowl of two ripe, very red tomatoes

Enjoy your image making, be alert for the shifting of the light.

Stay safe!