Interior Light 4


After a long period of very little picture making I found myself this week making images on three separate occasions. Three short but intense periods of activity. I thought I might use this weeks blog to share them.

Session 1. An excess of vases! 


During the period of my most intensive work with tulips I bought many vases. It took me a while to realise that when not actually being photographed the tulips would wait quite happily in a bucket!                                                                   Today four vases were on the table waiting to be shelved. I picked up my camera, began to photograph.

To photograph a subject demands a looking with intensity. Often when working in colour I become more interested in what is invisible to me, but which can be seen, be discovered, through the optical system of the camera. A move away from the description of the object as seen to the transformations the camera allows. Moving in close the reality of the subject disappears,minute shifts of viewpoint, of focus, reveal new worlds of light and colour the camera  becomes a means of exploration of discovery.




Session 2. An Easter story


On Wednesday the 15th of April my daughter, who lives in London, posted a parcel to me. It contained tulips. We had discussed this and decided that next day delivery would ensure that the tulips would arrive in good condition. Next day delivery had been suspended (the virus!). She posted them first class. Thursday16th, no tulips arrived. Good Friday, no post. Sat 17th. No parcel!  Easter Sunday, no post.  Easter Monday, no post. On Wednesday 22nd the tulips arrived! After eight days entombed the tulips were travel-stained and somewhat decrepit! One hardy bloom however showed signs of life.I began to photograph. A resurrection into light, into image.


Session 3. My windowsill

Since moving here in 2005 my windowsill has been an important site of image making. Beautiful light, constant change of objects. The subject of several hand made books!( We will be revisiting it in later blogs), for the moment a brief introduction.

Enjoy, take care and stay safe