Blog 6 Seeing Light


A process of looking, of paying attention, of collecting. I have no particular piece of work in mind at the moment, but out of long habit occasionally pick up a camera and make images.

Of late, those images have been of moments of light. Light  entering a doorway, sneaking through curtains, infiltrating space in unexpected places, in unexpected ways. Or of light in the garden, describing, picking out an odd leaf, hiding others in shadow, elements emphasised by focus.

Collecting; developing a familiarity with subject, exploring the medium, ways of photographing, ways of seeing.

Collecting; the beginning of any piece of work, for an exhibition, a portfolio, a hand made book, or just for the pleasures of making.

I have made many books exploring light, in my domestic spaces and in my garden. I have never made a book combining images of both interior and exterior spaces, so if I continued this collection it would present a new challenge. I have begun to consider that challenge in selecting the images for this blog. A vertical  sequence beginning and ending in darkness. Interior and exterior spaces separated, each new section introduced with a moment of intense light. This structure would change if I continued to collect images, made images that could make links between interior and exterior, allowing a continuous structure.

The final two images are pages from handmade books already made and show a way of combining images that gives me pleasure. By butting up images I can create fictional spaces, play with scale. More of this in later blogs.


















From 'Workspace Chiaroscuro' 2013

From 'Seduced by Light 2' 2016


Enjoy your photography

Take care