Landscape - All Flows

Whilst working on the 'Wounds of Trees' sequence I began to photograph water, at first in Wales and then, more significantly, a small stream in Derbyshire. My second sequence 'Metamorphosis' was made there and a later sequence 'All Flows' in 1975.

It was working on the latter sequence that confirmed and clarified my intentions in the landscape. In an exhibition catalogue of 1991 I wrote:

'I do not see my photographs as concerned with place in a geographic, a topographic sense. What I seek to evoke is the dynamic of the landscape, it's physical energy, it's fundamental mystery'

The stream in Derbyshire was small. For most of it's length one could jump over, it's depth was within the scope of a wellington boot, it's length seen on a map perhaps two miles.I photographed there intensively for five years and never reached it's source. Many of the later strategies I adopted in photographing the landscape originated there.

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