Tulipa Dissections

I work by collecting images accumulated around a theme or an idea, hence titles like 'Mutations' or 'Generations'.
My work process seemed , almost always, to involve the dismemberment of the tulips hence 'Dissections' seemed appropriate.
The idea of dissection also linked the work to a scientific discourse and to a history of botanical illustration which was becoming a significant area of reference for me.I did not seek to make images that looked like botanical illustrations but could work with or against the convention of the genre. Most botanical illustrators depict their subject at the peak of perfection, my own subjects are often long past that moment. The image ' Dissections number 8' was an attempt to address this difference.

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Measurements given are approximate and are of image size with an additional border of at least 2.5 - 5cm. If dated, the date refers to the date of the negative and not of the print.
Postage amounts also are approximate. Any excess postage will be refunded.
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