Tulipa Still Life


Imagine a dilemma. The tulip is a seasonal flower in plentiful supply from early spring to summer and is then no longer available.
By the spring of 1988 I was deeply immersed in my tulip photography and had no intention of stopping in mid-June. I began to dry flowers, in vases or lying flat. The complexity of the curved flowers, leaves and stems became a new fascination.
In September 1988 I made the first constructed still life working with a 5x4 camera.
I work very simply. My camera is an old MPP, I use only one lens (a 180mm Symmar S). All of my large format images both landscape and still life, since the early 1970s, have been made with this combination.I use the zone system, working on FP4 rated at 64ASA and developed in ID11.I work always with daylight, augmented with reflectors.The use of daylight maintains a connection with the natural cycles of the day, the year. I work in any space in my house where light beckons.
All prints are signed. 
Measurements given are approximate and are of image size with an additional border of at least 2.5 - 5cm. If dated, the date refers to the date of the negative and not of the print.
Postage amounts also are approximate. Any excess postage will be refunded.
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