Wind Series II

In 1980 I stopped working in the landscape and my still life work began A year or so later the urge to work again in the landscape re asserted itself. My intention was specific, to make images which would become the culmination of the ‘wind’ photographs I had been making for several years, the images shown here were the result. My most extreme use of multiple exposure ( 48 exposures on a single negative), and a continuation of high key prints of the landscape. The series of four shown here remain  favourite  images from the period of my work in the landscape.

All prints are signed. 

Measurements given are approximate and are of image size with an additional border of at least 2.5 - 5cm. If dated, the date refers to the date of the negative and not of the print.

Postage amounts also are approximate. Any excess postage will be refunded.

1 print