'Tulipomania' that period in the 17th century when the tulip became an object of commerce, so highly valued that fortunes were made and lost trading tulip bulbs.  

In making the final images for inclusion in ‘The Stilled Gaze’, the monograph of my tulip images I thought that for the past few years I had myself been a sort of ‘tulipomaniac’.  I decided to make an image of the fictitious and imagined  study of a 17thcentury tulip fanatic.

‘Tulpomania’ 1 was my first attempt, I had been making the hangings of dried tulips which adorned the walls and collected various images of tulip paintings. Though I liked the image I felt it lacked gravitas and was tonally much lighter than the images that it would share exhibition wallspace with.

I started again, lining the alcove with dark materials and using one of my images framed. The resultant image had the mood I was seeking, became ‘Tulipomania 2’ the image I used for the cover of my tulip monograph.


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