Tulipa - Petals

                                                                                                                                               A series of images celebrating the fragile beauty of fallen petals. Prints which describe the petals but also, in their movement to abstraction, allow imaginative interpretations.

The  two ‘Garden of  Earthly Delights’ images were the culmination of this series, both in terms of their greater structural complexity and their heightened sensuality.

Version 1 is a an extreme high key print, previsualised as such. The negative was, what I term , a ‘flexible negative’, given a full exposure and much reduced negative development. The resultant negative has full shadow detail and reduced highlights. I enjoy making prints which are extreme in their tonal structure having no blacks and glowing highlights , thus not conforming to conventional expectations of a photographic print. Viewers often mistake the print as a drawing.Such a negative allows the making of a variety of prints.

Version 2 Is a midtone print, given an increase in exposure and slightly increased contrast.

Version 3 is again made by increasing exposure and contrast.

To me all three versions are pleasing, though the pale, previsualised print remains my favourite. 

‘Tulipa – Garden of Earthly Delights' No.2

Perhaps the most complex arrangement I have ever made, people tend to ask how I arranged it, a question to which I can give no coherent answer!

I had intended to make a high key version but the extreme tonality did not ‘work’ for this image. The print has a normal tonality which best expresses the succulence of the subject.

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