Early Still Life

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On completing the 'Lila' exhibition I had assumed that I would continue working in the landscape indefinitely, it was not so. Several forays into my usual haunts yielded little of interest, the impulse to make landscape images had deserted me. I decided for a variety of reasons to stop working in the landscape.

But what to do? I have a need to make images. I looked around and began to photograph the things of interest to me in my immediate surroundings. First a series of leaves then flowers. I wanted to work very simply. My last landscapes had been complex transformations of subject through the use of multiple exposure. I wanted now to exploit the camera's ability for precise description, for simple observation.

I think of my practice through oppositions, light/dark; description/transformation; simplicity/complexity. A new body of work begins with simple images, as I continue to work the images become more complex. So it was with the still life, though I was yet to find a motif with which I was engaged fully, that was still to come.

All prints are signed. 

Measurements given are approximate and are of image size with an additional border of at least 2.5 - 5cm. If dated, the date refers to the date of the negative and not of the print.

Postage amounts also are approximate. Any excess postage will be refunded.


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