It has been for me a year of firsts, my first digital camera, my first web site and now my first blog!

A strange and rather nerve wracking world, which is gradually becoming familiar, though not yet totally comfortable.

So, a first blog, and an opportunity to thank those of you who have visited my website and, hopefully have found some pleasure there. 

My website: I plan that eventually it will show a selection of images which encompass work from the sixty years that I have been making images, documentary, landscape, still life. Perhaps finally colour and the handmade book which have been my major preoccupations since 2005.

When I first planned a website, several years ago now, the gestation period has been a lengthy one, I thought it would be chronological.

When launched this year, I decided to begin with the tulip work, perhaps a mistake as it makes writing about the work problematic.

So I have decided that I will revert to a chronology. The next collection added will be documentary work from the 1960s, Then landscape, early still life, late still life (including a return to the tulip). 

If anyone is interested in work from later periods and would like to contact me I can inform them of availability, pricing etc.

My next blog will be concerned with the making and development of the tulip work.

Until then all best wishes.